Missing Averett University professor confirmed dead ?

WDBJ, DANVILLE, VA The family of an Averett University professor has reported him missing since March 15th, and he has since passed away.

Averett University professor Dr. David Hanbury
Image Credits: Social Media | Dr. David Hanbury | Prays all

Although the cause of death has not been established, according to Orlando Police, there is currently no reason for concern.

Dr. Tiffany Franks, president of Averett University, released a statement regarding his demise,

“With great sadness, Averett University announces the tragic news of Dr. David Hanbury’s demise. As we previously announced, Dr. Hanbury was reported missing from an Orlando conference, and a search for him was underway. It was his relatives who confirmed his departure to us this afternoon. We extend our sympathies, condolences, and prayers of support to Dr. Hanbury’s friends, family, and everyone else he touched, on behalf of the whole Averett University community.

Averett University professor

On Friday, March 15, Dr. David Hanbury attended the Southeastern Psychological Association Conference. Hanbury was last seen that evening, according to the police.

According to the university, Hanbury was an associate professor, co-head of the psychology department, and chair of the physical and psychological health sciences division.

A vigil is scheduled for Monday, March 18th at 6 p.m. on the grounds of the Averett Student Center, located at 351 Townes St., and everyone in the local community is invited.

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