Bermuda Triangle:

Mysterious cases of disappearance of airplanes and ships often occur in this area. Really very dangerous mystery.

bermuda triangle in hindi

The mystery of the pyramids:

The Egyptian pyramids, related to their construction techniques and their excavations, have kept their origins unknown mysteries.

Nasca Lines:

The mystery of the origin and origin of Peru's Nasca archaeological drawings is unknown. which no one could understand even if they tried

Icelandic Folklore Mysteries:

The mysterious life and folklore of Iceland is fascinating. This is also a big mystery of our earth.

Black Holes:

The mysterious properties and nature of black holes in the universe is a challenging area for scientists.

Ayyappan Tapu Mystery:

The caves around this Tapu temple located in the Himalayan region of Nepal and its important mystery.

Vimanika Shastra:

An ancient Sanskrit text in which methods of building aircraft and methods of flying aircraft are written in various forms.


The mystery behind the construction of England's Stonehenge has not been solved yet. This is such a mystery that even the scientists are surprised.

Roswell Incident:

The Mystery of a Strange Flying Incident That Occurred in the City of Roswell, USA in 1947.

The Mystery of the Past Reality:

Past events and unknowns about the true nature of the soul exist in many worlds. which we know as ghosts