Stephanie Link is a renowned investment strategist and portfolio manager. She has a strong background in finance, having worked for many years in various roles within the industry.


Link gained widespread recognition during her time as Chief Investment Strategist and Portfolio Manager at Hightower Advisors. Prior to that, she held significant roles at firms like Prudential and Citigroup Private Bank, where she managed multimillion-dollar investment portfolios.

Media Presence:

Stephanie Link is also known for her regular appearances on financial news networks such as CNBC and Bloomberg, where she provides expert analysis and commentary on market trends, investment strategies, and stock picks.

Educational Contributions:

Link is committed to educating investors and regularly shares her insights through articles, interviews, and public speaking engagements. She aims to empower individuals with the knowledge needed to make informed investment decisions.

Investment Philosophy: 

Stephanie Link is known for her disciplined investment approach, focusing on thorough research, fundamental analysis, and a long-term perspective. She emphasizes the importance of diversification and staying informed about macroeconomic factors that could impact investment opportunities.


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