29 years old : Shreyas Iyer: A Rising Star in Indian Cricket’s Constellation

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Ranji Trophy: Shreyas Iyer Confronts the Short-Ball Challenge, Yet Patience Falls Short.

When Shreyas Iyer took to the crease with Mumbai standing at 130/3 against Andhra at MCA-BKC, the focus shifted to how he would navigate the mental challenges of the game. The anticipation of opposition teams testing him with short deliveries, a common strategy in red-ball cricket, was evident, and Andhra in the second round of the Ranji fixture proved no exception.

Andhra, known for their tendency to unleash a barrage of short balls and bouncers once the new ball loses its shine, typically employs a packed onside field for added pressure. This aggressive approach was their Plan A against most adversaries last season, and facing Shreyas Iyer, they aimed to maintain that unpredictability.

While Iyer, despite his weaknesses, is a naturally fluent batsman who thrives on keeping busy, Andhra threw a curveball by not adhering to their usual tactics. Iyer, accustomed to counter-attacking his way out of trouble even when facing adversity, found himself in a situation where predictability was elusive. Given his recent struggles in South Africa and the impending Tests against England, Iyer carries a significant burden, and India is banking on him to be in top form in the middle order. The selectors, mindful of this crucial need, insisted on his participation in red-ball cricket.

Shreyas Iyer: A Rising Star

A traditional flick through mid-wicket ignited his momentum, and subsequently, he adeptly utilized his footwork to advance down the track, lofting the ball for a crisp boundary off the off-spinner Shoaib Mohammad Khan. Shreyas remained steadfast in his aggressive approach, seizing any opportunity within his striking range. During his time at the crease, Mumbai witnessed a steady flow of runs as Shreyas not only regained his timing but also appeared poised for a substantial innings, putting Andhra in a challenging position with their plan execution faltering.

It only took two well-placed boundaries to prompt Andhra to revert to their initial strategy, employing their pacers from around the stumps. Initiating with a series of short balls, Iyer skillfully navigated through them. The primary challenge he faced was managing the pace. In contrast to the South African conditions where he grappled with swiftness, the MCA-BKC ground required him to patiently await the ball. As long as he wasn’t pressured for time, these short deliveries posed no threat to Iyer. Once he adapted to the pitch’s rhythm, Iyer wasn’t merely going to linger passively.

In the face of Andhra’s packed leg-side field featuring five fielders, Iyer exhibited remarkable skill, effortlessly securing a couple of boundaries from short balls. In both instances, he displayed absolute command over the shots, eschewing the use of power and relying solely on well-timed strokes to navigate the ball through minuscule gaps.

In response, Andhra adjusted their strategy by adding another fielder to the leg side, strategically placing players at long leg, deep-backward square leg, deep-forward square leg, short square leg, third man, and deep point at one juncture. For a batsman known for unleashing powerful strokes, this became a genuine test of patience.

With just two fielders stationed on the off-side and an abundance of available space, Andhra introduced a challenge by angling the ball across, anticipating that Iyer would, at the very least, keep the battle alive. After confidently leaving a few deliveries, Iyer eventually succumbed to the ploy, chasing a wide delivery from Nithish Kumar Reddy. However, the wicketkeeper, S Girinath, adeptly pouched a low catch, successfully executing Andhra’s strategic plan. In his 48-ball innings, Iyer accumulated 48 runs, featuring seven boundaries.

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Reddy, who clinched three wickets on Day 1, remarked, “Our strategy involved delivering bouncers to Shreyas, testing his patience. We adhered to our plans, and it paid off.”

Mumbai concluded the day at 281 for 6; however, a more substantial performance could have been achieved if the top order had capitalized on their promising starts. Opener Jay Bista departed after contributing 39 runs, while Ajinkya Rahane fell victim to a significant in-swinging yorker from Reddy on the first ball.

With Rahane dismissed for zero, the duo of youngsters—Bhupen Lalwani and Suved Parkar—played a pivotal role in Mumbai’s recovery. Lalwani, after an impressive 61, was bowled by Lalith Mohan, breaking their 61-run third-wicket partnership.

Iyer and Parkar attempted to stabilize Mumbai’s innings, but the latter’s attempt to sweep a low full toss resulted in missing the line, leading to an LBW dismissal. The hosts faced setbacks with the quick succession of wickets, losing Iyer and wicket-keeper batsman Prasad Pawar, leaving Mumbai in a shaky position at 224 for 6.


  • Who is Shreyas Iyer?

    Shreyas Iyer is an Indian cricketer who has represented the Indian national team in both One Day Internationals (ODIs) and T20 Internationals (T20Is).

  • When was Shreyas Iyer born?

    Shreyas Iyer was born on December 6, 1994.

  • What is Shreyas Iyer’s playing style?

    Shreyas Iyer is a right-handed batsman known for his aggressive playing style and ability to play crucial innings in the middle order.

  • Which IPL team does Shreyas Iyer play for?

     Shreyas Iyer has played for the Delhi Capitals in the Indian Premier League (IPL). However, team affiliations can change due to transfers or auctions.

  • Has Shreyas Iyer been the captain of any IPL team?

    Yes, Shreyas Iyer served as the captain of the Delhi Capitals in the IPL.

  • What are some notable achievements of Shreyas Iyer in international cricket?

    Shreyas Iyer has been known for his consistent performances in the Indian middle order. He has played crucial innings and has been part of several match-winning partnerships.

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