Microsoft Updates Widgets, Copilot, and other features in Windows 11 upgrades.

Microsoft is beginning to release a new version of Windows 11 that has numerous enhancements and new integrated capabilities. With this upgrade, Copilot in Windows 11 will have more options to operate your computer, including enhanced Snap layouts, Voice Shortcuts for accessibility, a new Generative Erase option in Photos, adjustments to the Widgets system, and more.

Windows 11 updates
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Microsoft claims that not all aspects of the Windows 11 update will be enabled right away, even though it is accessible starting today. The additional features for Copilot, including as the ability to ask the AI chatbot to activate the power saver mode or to start accessibility tools like Narrator or Magnifier, will begin to roll out in late March. In addition, Copilot will be able to display storage capacity, Wi-Fi networks that are available, and even empty your recycle bin.

The integrated Photos app will also soon get additional AI-powered capabilities. With the help of a new function called Generative Erase, you can easily pick and delete undesired items from a photo. It’s comparable to the enchanted AI selective photo erasers that come with Samsung and Google products. Microsoft’s video editor Clipchamp will soon have the capability to eliminate awkward silences from videos.

Windows 11 Ai Editing

Windows 11 Microsoft Updates Widgets, Copilot, and other features in Windows 11 upgrades.
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Additionally, Microsoft is enhancing Windows 11’s built-in Snap layouts and Widgets features. Widgets have always been helpful, but Microsoft’s MSN junk news stream has tainted them. The “Microsoft Start” feed can now be disabled, and as part of Microsoft’s obligations to the European Commission under the Digital Markets Act, the Windows Widgets board is also interoperable. This implies that Google might create a plug-in that, for example, displays material from Google News on the Widgets board.

With this update, Windows 11’s Snap feature—which makes it simple to resize program windows—becomes more intelligent and will remember the apps you snap regularly, suggesting configurations on its own.

The most recent version of Windows 11 also adds the capability to write straight into text fields throughout the entire operating system if you have a tablet running Windows with a pen. This includes the ability to use Windows Ink with programs like Paint, Photos, WhatsApp, and others.

Additionally, Windows 11’s built-in casting feature—which enables you to transfer material to a nearby display—is receiving improvements. Notifications about recommendations to use the Cast feature while multitasking are now sent to you, and Cast has been improved to help locate adjacent displays and troubleshoot connection problems.

This most recent version of Windows 11 has certain enhancements to enable content sharing to and from devices easier if you are someone who shares Windows material to other devices or if you own an Android phone. With Nearby Share, sharing with devices or people on the same network can now happen at quicker transfer speeds. You can also assign a friendly name to your PC to make it easier for other people to identify it.

You may now utilize your phone as a webcam with video conferencing apps and access recent photographs with Windows 11’s Phone Link technology. Windows Insiders can begin testing the feature today on smartphones running Android 9 or higher and a Link to Windows app version 1.24012* or higher. Turn it on by locating the Bluetooth and mobile devices settings menu, choosing Manage Devices, and allowing your PC to connect to your Android phone.

Microsoft Updates Widgets, Copilot, and other features in Windows 11 upgrades.
Windows 11 updates

Not to mention, Windows 11 will see some accessibility enhancements from Microsoft. With Windows 11’s voice access capability, you may build custom instructions to automate operations using a new Voice Shortcuts feature. This functions similarly to a speech macro, allowing you to conduct multiple tasks, such as opening a URL automatically, with only one voice command.

Additionally, voice access will be available for numerous screens, with auxiliary displays supporting number and grid overlays. Additionally, Microsoft is enhancing the integrated Narrator function in Windows 11 by including real voices that, once downloaded to a device, utilize on-device text-to-speech.

The new Windows 11 update will be rolled out by Microsoft starting today, although it might take some time for your device to receive it. You must first enable Windows Update’s “get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” option before checking for updates if you want it right away.

According to Yusuf Mehdi, executive vice president and consumer chief marketing officer at Microsoft, “the majority of these new Windows 11 features will be enabled by default in the March 2024 optional non-security preview release for all editions of Windows 11, versions 23H2 and 22H2.” “As is customary, we will keep a close eye on the introduction of these new Windows 11 features and will keep you updated on their progress and any known issues—both open and fixed—through the Windows release health dashboard and @WindowsUpdate.”

In the EU, Windows is expected to undergo other significant updates shortly. In order to comply with the Digital Market Act, Microsoft is adopting improvements that will enable users to deactivate Cortana and select their preferred search engine for Windows Search. The features will be made available on an optional basis prior to the March 6th deadline for compliance.

In an email, Windows product manager Aaron Grady stated, “We’ll start enabling DMA changes via our controlled feature rollout technology in February’s optional non-security releases and we will post a public update on DMA progress soon.”

Updated at 3 PM ET on February 29: Information about the Windows Insider rollout testing the ability to use Android devices as webcams has been added.

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