Unlock Savings: Grab a Rs 13,000 Discount on iPhone 15 with Flipkart’s Exclusive Deal!

You can buy these new Apple iPhone 15 from Flipkart with a huge discount on the original price of Rs 13,000.

iPhone 15
iPhone 15

There was a lot of talk about Apple’s iPhone 1 but everything was waiting for the discount. The wait of iPhone lovers is now over, now iPhone and Flipkart company have together given a huge discount offer. If you want to buy iPhone 15 through Flipkart, then you can buy it now with good offers. You can get iPhone 15 for Rs 66,999 whose total price was Rs 79,900.

There is a special offer for all of you till now. If you have a credit card of any bank, then you can buy iPhone 15 with even better discounts. This offer is for a limited time only.

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On Flipkart, you can get the model of iPhone 15 with 128GB storage for just Rs 66,999, which is Rs. 13,000 less than the old price of its model with 256GB storage.

The model with 512GB storage and 512GB storage can also be bought at this cheap price of Rs 76,999 and Rs 96,999.

If you want, you can also use the exchange offer, in this you can exchange your old iPhone for a new iPhone, this will give you even better discount, like by giving iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can get more discount up to Rs. 20885 and You can get a discount of up to Rs 2000 by using your bank card.

iPhone 15
Dynamic Island
iPhone 15 Features and Specifications
Design and displayiPhone 15 has a 6.1-inch display, Dynamic Island notch [replaced touch iPhone 14 pro max]
CameraMain Camera 48 Megapixel Low light pictures create realsticc bokech effects [ High Resolution Camera]
BatteryIphone 15 Battery like iPhone 14 pro same 3349mah [ Full Day ]
ProcessoriPhone 15 bionic processor A16 Bionic chip
Charging USB TypeiPhone 15 modified his charging make Type C Charging cable [No Adapter]

iPhone 15 Great Colours

iPhone 15 top 5 colors are yellow, green, pink, art and blue. However, phones of all colors are not always available and the price of the phone may increase or decrease due to some colors.

Dynamic Island Notch:- The iPhone 15 features a new Dynamic Island notch, which has been available on some previous models. In this, notifications appear specially when you order something or there is an urgent notification. This function looks very attractive. Dynamic Island was earlier exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro model.

USB Type C Charging:- USB Type C has been added to the iPhone 15, which is a new development for phones. The iPhone has done this because Type C charging is easily available and that too at a good price. You may have faced problems with this at times, but now you will not have to suffer like this, you will be able to charge it with any Type C charger.

Photography:-  The iPhone has now enhanced features like smart camera and night mode in the phone with new technology. Due to which the look of the camera has increased. Along with this, you also have increased convenience in recording video. Additionally, iPhone 15 allows users to change the focus of the subject after taking a portrait, thereby adjusting the focal length and depth controls. There is an option to do so.

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