Apple Watch 10 expected to have blood pressure tracking

Popular tech expert Mark Gurman predicts that the next Apple Watch 10, a wristwatch from the tech giant Apple, would likely have a blood pressure monitoring function. With this update, the Apple Watch might become a powerful health monitoring device.

Apple Watch 10 specifications
Apple Watch 10 specifications
  • Apple Watch 10 might feature enhanced connectivity options such as 5G support or improved Wi-Fi capabilities, enabling faster data transfer and smoother communication with other devices.
  • With advancements in battery technology, the Apple Watch 10 boasts an extended battery life, allowing users to go longer between charges, making it even more convenient for all-day wear.
  • The Apple Watch 10 introduces even more advanced health tracking features, including improved heart rate monitoring.

Perhaps at last, the Apple Watch 10 will have a blood pressure monitoring function. Well-known IT analyst Mark Gurman has corroborated the report. This could be significant since it could allow you to monitor your blood pressure directly from your wrist. Although all the details are still pending, this indicates that Apple is committed to making the Apple Watch more than just a high-tech accessory.

Specifications Of Apple Watch 10

“Everything suggests that a blood pressure monitor will be added to the new Apple Watch this autumn. However, it does not seem like the feature will be added to the existing models, Gurman stated on the Bloomberg blog.

There is a rumor going around town that the Series 10 may not initially give you an accurate blood pressure measurement. Alternatively, it can only assist you in monitoring variations in your blood pressure over time. The problem is that this might just be the beginning of something greater. This could serve as a springboard for Apple to improve blood pressure monitoring in next models. All of this is a part of Apple’s ambition to turn the Apple Watch into a very useful health monitoring device.

So why all of this fuss about blood pressure? It is true that elevated blood pressure can be dangerous. Although it does not often have visible symptoms, it is sometimes referred to as the “silent killer” since it can cause serious health issues like heart disease and strokes. Thus, monitoring your blood pressure could enable you to identify any problems early and take preventative action.

So how could this blood pressure mechanism function? Well, we are not quite certain yet. However, some speculate that Apple may modify the heart rate sensors in the watch to gauge the speed at which blood flows through your wrist. Naturally, it is not simple to determine blood pressure with a watch. A person’s posture or level of stress are two examples of factors that can affect accuracy. Because of this, the feature may be more concerned with identifying patterns over time than providing precise figures.

But hold on, there is something to keep in mind before you throw away your old blood pressure cuff. The Apple Watch may track blood pressure patterns, but it may not always provide you with a complete picture. You may still need to use a regular blood pressure monitor to get extremely accurate readings.

ModelWatch 10
FunctionsImproved health tracking features such as advanced sensors for heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level monitoring, and possibly new health metrics.
BatteryEnhanced battery life for extended usage.
ProcessorA faster processor for smoother performance and better app responsiveness.
DesignPotentially new design elements or materials for improved durability and aesthetics.
ConnectivityAdvanced connectivity options such as 5G support or improved Wi-Fi capabilities.
StorageLarger storage options for storing more apps, music, and other data
Price:The price of the Apple Watch 10 would likely vary depending on the model ( GPS only, GPS + Cellular) and the materials used (e.g., aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, ceramic).
Historically, Apple tends to maintain a premium price range for its smartwatches, so the Apple Watch 10 could start at a similar price point to its predecessors, possibly ranging from $399 to $699 or more depending on the configuration.
This price is not confirmed yet, but according to some past records it may be


When will you be able to purchase this new Apple Watch 10? Rumor has it that it will launch in stores in the fall of 2024, most likely coinciding with the release of the next iPhone models. Regardless of your interest in health technology or your affinity for Apple products, one thing is certain: this has the potential to revolutionize smartwatch technology worldwide.

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